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Nails of the Week: Australia Day

Australia celebrated “Australia Day" on the 26th of January! For New Zealanders like myself, this means we get a paid day off work while we help celebrate the first British settlers landing in Australia by having a traditional Aussie BBQ with the family ^_^

Australia prides itself in it’s country and I thought I’d do a little something for Australia Day for once (it’s been 6 years and I haven’t thought of doing it! The New Zealander inside me gave in! Oh no!).

  • Thumb: Kangaroo (inspired by a Kangaroo Crossing sign)
  • Index Finger: British Flag, part of the Australian Flag
  • Middle Finger: Southern Cross Starts
  • Ring Finger: Koala
  • Pinky: Aboriginal Artwork (my failed attempt at one)

Materials I used:

  1. Yellow Polish
  2. Blue Polish
  3. Baby Blue Polish
  4. Green Polish
  5. White Polish
  6. Red Polish
  7. Grey/Silver Polish
  8. Black Polish
  9. Brush with a Long Tip (or a set of Nail Polishes that come with Long Tips)

  • Thumb and Pinky: 3 coats of Yellow Polish (it was translucent so I had to put thick layers to make it solid.
  • Index and Middle Fingers: 2 coats of Blue Polish (I got some yellow on the middle finger that I didn’t notice till after I took the photo so I fixed this up after ^_^)
  • Ring Finger: 2 coats of Baby Blue Polish

Using the White Polish and a brush with a long tip, draw the stars from the Australian Flag and the outline of the British Flag.

With the Grey or Silver Polish (I used Silver because I didn’t have Grey), draw the outline for the Koala.

Using the Green Polish and a brush with a long tip, start drawing a Kangaroo. I used a photo of a Kangaroo Crossing sign to help me on this one ^_^

Using the Black Polish and a brush with a long tip or a dotting tool, add the nose and the eyes to the Koala and on the Pinky Finger, add dotted artwork on the nail.

With the Red Polish and a brush with a long tip, draw the remaining details for the British Flag; Red Cross and 4 diagonal lines. Using either the brush with a long tip or a dotting tool, add more dots on your Pinky Finger near the black dots and cover the entire nail with dots between the red and black polishes.

Using the White Polish and a brush with a long tip, I added remaining details for the Koala; ears and tummy ^_^

Clean off excess and finish with 2 coats of Top Coat ^_^

TIP: With the Top Coat, don’t brush it too hard on the nail or you’ll smudge colours underneath.

Photographer of 4 last photos: Brian

Brian was joining some Australia Day Photography event and thought that rather than focusing on the Australian Land Marks or Australian Merchandise, he decided to choose my nails! ^_^ Hand modelling is actually quite tough, especially with my Alien-like hands :(

I hope everyone in Australia enjoyed their Australia Day! Also, I’m not a sell out! I will always choose New Zealand over Australia as my home any day! <3

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