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Outfit Post: Floral by AX Paris

Photographer: Ramon
Location: Robson Park

I had the honour of collaborating with AX Paris on this outfit post. Sign up today and get 10% off your first order!

For an online store in the UK, their shipping is extremely fast. Last time I had ordered something from Europe, I had to wait 3+ weeks to get my item, I received my items from AX Paris in less than 2 weeks after I ordered.


This amazing floral playsuit caught my eye as soon as I saw it on their website. I know that it’s coming to winter in Sydney but my mind is thinking Spring-wear and florals right now.



We had been strapped for time again doing this shoot and went to our go-to place; Robson Park. Ramon and I ran into a bit a a spat that day and a good few hours was chewed up on useless arguments.



I loved the playsuit, it felt so good on and it was very light weight and the flaps also function as pockets too. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying to avoid wearing all dark colours during winter and will try to add colour in my looks as much as I can and stay clear of the “norm” this winter.


The back of the playsuit is what got me! I loved how there wasn’t just the one strap, there was 2 and also an adjustable bow.


I’ve been told that my back is too skinny and often in back photos, you can see my the bones of my spine coming through which is really unattractive (I’ve been trying really hard to gain weight, I promise!). I tried not to show that in this shoot so that the emphasis wouldn’t be so much on my weight but on what I was wearing.


I love how the floral print carries on throughout the whole playsuit, it’s such a fun outfit and I can’t wait for Sydney’s weather to be a tad bit warmer so I can wear it out again. I must admit, winter hasn’t been as cold as last year, it’s been getting to a low of 8 degrees in comparison to 2 degrees last year!


The necklace is courtesy of Reebonz. I would usually wear my crucifix with a sapphire middle (that was blessed by the beloved Pope John Paul II) but I felt that this simple necklace would compliment this outfit really well. I’ll do a separate blog post on it soon!


Please note that their smallest size is a UK8 which is equivalent to a AU8. This gorgeous playsuit with the bow at the back allowed me to adjust the playsuit to my size.

I know I keep saying this, but please stay tuned! I do have giveaways to post up soon but I’ve been strapped for time lately so I haven’t been able to take photos yet but I’ll make time for it just to say another “Thank you” to all my readers.

Floral Playsuit: AX Paris
Delgatto Shoes: Voi
Necklace: Reebonz

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